Sunday, 4 April 2010

Despite the British weather...

...I have had a good weekend round at the allotment. I haven't posted allotment pictures on here yet so welcome to my plot. Admittedly it doesn't look it's best at this time of year but it gets better I promise!

And this is Pierre who guards our raspberries in the summer!

 After a good session of digging I feel like I have arms like Popeye and my legs are feeling just as hard worked as I have spent the weekend running back and forth from home to plot - only for it to rain...from plot to home - for the sun to reappear, from home to plot - for it to rain; you get the picture! But despite all that, the time inbetween has been productive. We have managed to dig over a large part of the plot ready for the potatoes to go in (admitedly Mr Notebook covered more suface area than me but I like to think I weed more thoroughly which makes me slower!). I haven't planted potatoes yet for two reasons: the weather; and the more experienced plotters at the allotment don't seem to have put theirs in yet, although I am watching and waiting eagerly for the sign to go ahead!

My onions and garlic are finally in. I missed autumn planting and so have planted spring garlic and onions this year for the first time. I have made a good start at weeding the strawberry patch which was suffering from a winter of neglect. Due to my guilt for this neglect I have rescued any runners that hadn't rooted themselves and planted them up in the greenhouse for replanting later...although my sympathetic approach may have been wasted as after just one night someone seems to have been intent on undoing my good deed and has munched right through one already!

So after all my hard work I have treated myself to some pak choi plants from the nursery. I have tried to grow this from seed the last two years but have never had any success. The seeds have either never germinated or the slugs have devoured them instantly as soon as they appear. So I am hoping that this year by starting off with strong little plants they might actually make it from plot to plate. Fingers crossed. Any tips on growing this successfully would be most welcome!

I hope you have all had a good Easter of gardening and that the weather hasn't spoilt your fun too much. I look forward to reading about what you have all been up to. Happy Easter!


  1. We went down to the allotment yesterday, but it was still far too wet to get anything done. I still haven't got anything planted out and it feels like I'm dropping behind somewhat now. You've managed to get loads done in between the showers.

  2. Dear Nina, Although I do not grow any vegetables myself, and therefore cannot advise on the cultivation of them at all, I do think that there is nothing nicer to eat than fruit and vegetables taken straight from the kitchen garden. But oh, the work, as your tired limbs must testify. However, with that must come the satisfaction of much which has been achieved - certainly in your case this past weekend.

    I shall much look forward to watching the progress of the allotment.

  3. Hi Nina, thanks for visitng and taking the time to leave a comment on my blog. You have lots done for the new season, we are all champing at the bit with stuff ready 'to go' but the weather is against us!
    I have never grown Pak Choi or eaten it so am no help to you there.
    We grew PSB one year, it grew triffid like as you say, took up a bed for nearly a year and produced about 2 dinners worth of sprouts which I was not impressed enough with to grow it again!

  4. What a wonderful blog you've got! I'm just starting out on vegetable growing this year on my three sunny windowsills so am looking forward to learning from others and following your adventures on the allotment over the year. I love your pantone mugs too!

  5. Handsome scarecrow... hope he's good at keeping the seagulls & pigeons away!

  6. What a neat blog. Love that shot of the blue bucket, especially.
    Thanks for stopping by gardenpath.

  7. Hi All and thanks for your comments and visits. So back to work and of course out comes the sun! Typical I guess.Yes I admit I have been getting ahead of myself but I have a hectic May planned so I fear I will be falling behind and the gardening may suffer if I don't progress quickly now! My aching limbs are much improved today after a restful Monday and the odd glass of wine or two has helped too!

  8. Piere is so darn cute.

    I'll be back to see the progress on your plot.