Monday, 17 May 2010

A slightly late Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

Apologies for a slightly late GBBD from me this month but time has been in short supply around here. But I did take the photos on the 15th so I still wanted to post even though it's taken a couple of days to get round to it. One of my favourite things in the garden at the moment are these chives with their wonderful buds that look as though they are made from a delicate Japanese paper. 

Chives aren't really a herb I use in the kitchen all that often. I grow them because I love their flowers, as do the bees - red tailed bees in particular seem to find them irresistable. I started off with one pot of chives a few years ago and this has now developed into 4 clumps (by dividing it each time it gets too large) and we also have self seeded clumps of chives all over the garden happily taking root and establishing themselves wherever they land.
I also have several of these flower in the garden. I do not know the proper name for them but I call them bottle washers due to their shape. If you know their name and anything about them I would love to know. I am sure I saw them on someones blog not long ago but I can't remmber whose I'm afraid. I never planted these, they just appeared a couple of years ago and each year they have spread to new locations. Hover flies seem to like them and I think they are pretty so they have been allowed to stay and have earned their space in the flower bed.

The clematis montana is doing well this year. This is probably the most flowers it has ever had. It is about 3 years old but suffered an unfortunate mishap at the hands of Mr Notebook 2 years ago when he pruned it right back to the base - only to find out afterwards that this wasn't a clematis that needed pruning. It struggled last year with only a few tiny flowers so I am delighted this year that it looks to have made a full recovery.

Saddly the apple blossom is now starting to fade but it has been fantastic this year so I'm expecting more apples than I know what to do with. I'm not a great apple fan (or a great cook - and these are cookers) but I love apple trees. I yearn to live in the countryside and the apple blossom makes my suburban garden look all that more country cottagey, I would love it to last all summer!

This week has also seen the first flowers on the tomato plants - all very exciting as it means the sweet taste of home grown tomatoes isn't so far away. Although it has made me realise that I really need to get a wriggle on and get sowing the rest of the seeds I bought which still haven't seen the light of day, especially my sweet peppers which probably should also be flowering by now but are still tucked up in their seed packet!


  1. Always better late than never! Your pending chive blooms are very pretty. I honestly don't know what your bottle washer flowers are though. Like you we're watching our tomato blooms with great anticipation! I can't wait for the first fruits to ripen, and if it makes you feel any better, we did seed our peppers some time ago, but they're not blooming yet :P

  2. Your garden must look wonderful with all these flowers.
    We use chives so much that I constantly have to buy it, as we still don’t grow enough.

    My apple trees are done with flowering and are now setting fruits.

  3. I love chive flowers too. I have a clump in my wildlife border because, as you say, the bees love them. The flowers are just starting to develop on my tomato plants, I can't wait until we're picking the fruit.

  4. Hiya Nina,
    First of all: what can I say! That comment you treated me too. Lovely to wake up to. Please keep on visiting:-)

    Second: Sorry about the followers thing: I repel all boarders. Don't trust the security of that widget.

    Third: Your Montana has withstood the pruning well. Wish mine did. Chives are lovely as plants and as flavouring. I am no cook either, but they are lovely snipped into the occasional omelette or when you can't be bothered to peel an onion.

    And lastly: Thanks for the heads up on the Royal Sovereign. I'll follow that up. Are yours fruiting well?

  5. Your pink bottle brush plant is polygonum bistorta or now called persicaria bistorta. It likes to grow around ponds, is a more bog loving plant.

  6. Hi Country Rose Corner and welcome. Many thanks for the info on this plant, it's nice to finally have a name.I think it must like the poor drainage of our clay soil!

    Hi Joco, the Royal Sovereign fruited well last year for their first year, there are alot of flowers this year already....the problem I have is getting to them before the wasps and ants! They are the best flavour strawberry I have ever had.

  7. Lovely lovely garden you have. Wath out for that Clematis though - I think they'll take over the planet one day - shockingly & joyfully vigorous plants!

  8. Hi Nina

    What's happened to you? You haven't blogged for a while... Anyways, just thought I'd let you know that our chillies have worked and we have plenty of flowers and even our first chillies growing away now on the balcony!! Thought you might be interested as you were asking for updates on how I got on:

    Hopefully your blog will be back up and running again soon.