Thursday, 18 March 2010

In the garden this week...

Well the warm weather has certainly woken the garden up. This week green shoots and colour are appearing everywhere. Here are the stars of my garden this week:

Just in time for bloom day the very welcome bright yellow of tete-a-tetes has certainly cheered the whole place up. They are planted in our front garden and make me smile everytime I pass them. I hope they bring as much cheer to passers-by as they do to me! (or maybe I need to get out more!!)

These purple crocuses were a surprise find this week. You see I didn't knowingly plant them. Last summer my dad's neighbour was having a new driveway built which involved digging up some garden. My dad rescued some of the plants, of which I took some. There were clumps of earth all joined together with various roots and bulbs and I just stuck them into my garden in hope something would happen - and here it is! I love surprises like that!

And last, but by no means least, the chamelia is looking wonderful this week. After spending the last month watching the squirrel blatantly pull buds off and shamelessly sitting on the trellis peeling and eating them, I had wondered if any flowers would be left!
So whilst I enjoy all these little splashes of colour I eagerly await the daffodils, who are now forming buds so hopefully won't be long.

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