Thursday, 25 March 2010

My Little Seedling

This morning my first courgette seedling appeared. I have been looking at the pots everyday wondering when something would happen (despite only sowing them a week ago!) and although yesterday there was no sign of anything - ping! as if by magic, today there is one big green seedling. And I am surprised how proud this has made me feel! Maybe it's the sheer size of it or maybe it is my previous chequered history with courgette growing.

 They were one of the first veggies I tried to grow - although as with the broccoli our lack of space at the time was my downfall - not to mention my over zealous sowing of 8 plants in the 1ft x 4ft space! It was also the summer of 2007 when it started to rain on the first bank holiday of May and didn't stop until September. So, despite everyone telling me how easy courgettes were to grow I ended up with rotten fruit on mildew covered plants which were so close together I faced an assault by their prickly hairy stems each time I went to harvest them. After this I became quite despondent and courgettes were firmly off my growing list! Then, last year my dad was given a couple of plants for our plot. Planted far apart with lots of space they thrived! Stars of the plot even! So this year I feel the need to prove to myself I can conquer the courgette! And today with my one seedling appearing I feel as if the path to success may lay ahead. This time my courgettes will get the best care and all the space they need!

I am growing courgette Gold Rush so I will let you know how I get on. I'd also be interested to hear what types other people recommend for successful growing.


  1. I love sowing large seeds as the resulting seedlings are always sturdy little things. I'm growing All Green Bush this year, I've never grown yellow courgettes.

  2. Welcome to Blotanical Nina! Have not sown my courgettes (I am in the north) yet but usually go for Romanesco, Defender and All Green Bush :)