Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Starting to Sow

Well it's the start of a new season, and for me, also the start of my new blog. Welcome.
The burst of spring weather has finally made me jump into gear and sowing has commenced. This week I have sown broad beans (medes), sweet peas (old fashioned mix) & courgettes (gold rush F1). I am starting the broad beans off in pots this year as last year we had problems with legume seeds of all types disappearing from the ground at the allotment - resulting in lots of re-planting and late beans & peas - I guess the mice had a nice time though! ( I am sure they were the culprits...but this is an allotment not a restaurant!).

Also this week Mr Notebook has been sowing the cosmos seeds we collected off the deadheads last year - fingers crossed they will come up! As ever I wasn't quite organised and on discovering we had no seed labels it was a case of DIY with anything we could find!

So it's seed pots everywhere - every window sill is full and I am eagerly awaiting the first signs of little green shoots - I am so impatient!

I do love it at this time of year when the greenhouse suddenly starts to look more industrious. Unfortuately all the geraniums and pelagoniums we overwintered in there look very dead and so a big clear out is needed before my new seedlings start to appear. Lots of work ahead.


  1. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog. I really like the photo of the pots along the shelf! Enjoy your garden and your camera :-)

  2. Hi Nina
    I can see why this photo was a winner over at My Tiny Plot. Enjoy using your gardening bounty and happy growing. N x